THANK Frontline Workers with Chunk-N-Chip!

It’s 2020 and superheroes walk among us. Have you wanted to give a thank you to a local hero?Now you can send a sweet treat to a local hospital, police station or fire station.Just choose the amount you want to donate and we will do the rest,including a thank you card from your business or family.


● $40.00 – We send a box of cookies to feed 26 people
● $60 – We send a box of cookies to feed 39 people
● $100 – We send ice cream to feed 25 people
● $125.00 – We send prepack sammiches to feed 25 people
● For “Other” amount, simply add the information below.

Please let us know where you want your gift to go. Depending on your donation site, a small delivery will be added.


Full Name, Email, Phone

Donation Amount


If selecting “Other” Please add the amount you would like to donate below and we will follow-up with product & count suggestions.


Donation Options:

I want to choose my location.(Depending on your donationi site, a small delivery fee will be added)Choose a location for me. (We are supporting local hospitals, police and fire departments. No delivery fee added.)


Please complete the following section if choosing your location.

First Responder Organization - Name

First Responder Organization - Address | City | Zip Code


Thank You Message You Want On Your Thank You Card.