A new social media series in which we take you behind the scenes to introduce you to the talented chefs, concepts, cooks, artists, urban developers, small food artisans, photographers, and local citizens now enjoying and working within the walls of 4th Street Market. We want to know you BY NAME, and we hope that you will come to know us not only by name, but also as friend and neighbor.

Today, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Claudia Gonzalez, the magician behind ChunknChip Cookies AND one of the best reasons to bring the entire family down to 4th Street Market. Claudia has built a cult following for her “craft ice cream sammiches” by adhering to the very same core values that have led 4th Street Market to create what is likely to soon be recognized as the foremost “incubator” of small food makers – quality products, endless smiles, and simple, fresh ingredients. At the market, Claudia has installed cookie ovens, ensuring that “goosebump moment of perfection” when your favorite ice cream is sandwiched between two warm, freshly baked cookies. We are thrilled and honored to have Claudia and her team joining us at 4th Street Market.


Now, what’s YOUR favorite flavor combination?!?