At Chunk-N-Chip, we offer more than Craft Ice Cream Sammiches®. We scoop lifetime memories with a delicious twist that’ll make your guests beam with joy and put a humungous smile on your face before we even arrive.

We work with families and companies across Southern California who hire us again and again, so you know we’re reliable, and service orientated. Whether it’s your upcoming wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, first or fiftieth birthday party, your business launch or ANY memorable celebration, we can make it wonderful!


Chunk-N-Chip hosts a variety of Catering options, like hiring our one of a kind craft food truck or sammich bar! You can also order for Delivery or Pickup of our frozen sammiches or fresh cookies!

Ice Cream Sammiches On Oven-Warm Cookies

Our most popular selection for any occasion. We hand make our sammiches with oven-warm, ooey-gooey cookies and fresh decadent ice cream. Custom menu is available from array of flavors.

Catering options include the Sammich Bar & Food Truck with service provided from our amazing hospitality team.

Prepackaged, Frozen Ice Cream Sammiches

If you are hosting a large event and need speedy service, this is your perfect option. This product is available for pick-up, delivery or catering.

For catering option, we can from our Sammich Bar and Food Truck.

Ice Cream & Waffle Cone Bar

Wait!… Do you guys do ice cream cone? Yes we do! We serve delicious hand-made waffle cones which are a spin-off our famous cookie recipes. Want to add cookies to mix? We love that idea!

This bar is perfect for any celebration – big or small.

Cookies & Cookies & Cookies

Chunk-N-Chip’s most popular flavors all bundled up in one gift. Our cookies are made in small batches with real, simple ingredients making flavors pop. Just old school craftsmanship and a ton of love!

Each box is filled with an assortment of cookies, from classic to novelty flavors making it the perfect gift for small and large groups.