the Founder

My journey started in 2005… my baby sister had an amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe and with her blessings I decided to sell the cookies as gifts to corporate America. Regular cookies didn’t’ satiate my South American exotic taste, so with a dash of spices the traditional cookie exploded into exciting, sensuous morsels. I had a dream of adding one of the world’s most important discoveries… ice cream, and the BOO-Yah!! came into being.

The business bug took a right turn in 07 and soon after, we stored away all our pretty little boxes and tins, and launched a pop-up store. We hit the road around April visiting all types of events in SoCal seeking happy cookie/ice cream lovers.

Making ice cream sandwiches for a living has been a wonderful journey.  We hope that our attention to quality and taste truly brings out the kid in you as you enjoy our handcrafted ice cream sandwiches.

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