the Crew

Boo-Yah-loompah: Person who creates and serves up the the awesomeness that us the BOO-Yah!!!

We are so proud of every one of our BOO-Yah-Loompahs as they each bring something unique and special to the table. What do all BOO-Yah-Loompahs have in common: they’re hard workers who are a joy to be around and love to engage their customers. Having a rough day? They’ll listen! Think of it as BOO-Yah therapy!

Claudia Gonzalez
Randy Henry Espinoza
Helene Knobel
Elissa Jackson
Larry Burdick
Naysla L. Munoz
Kelsie Lynn Christensen
Arnel Redoblado
Clurra Donald
Natalie Mora
Antonio Chacon
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