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Since 2007 we’ve been bringing sweetness and smiles by offering a childhood favorite with a gourmet twist. Our cookie ice cream sandwiches are some of the best you’ll have… masterfully made without any artificial whatchamacallits and with cookies made just the way mom used to make (real ingredients, no preservatives, no nagging) and bursting with flavor — served warm with locally fresh and natural ice cream. So they really stand out from the pack… at least we like to think so. Plus, we won’t make you do the dishes like mom did.

We also like to recycle and maximize use of supplies whenever possible so the world is a better, greener place. Our spoons and some paper products are biodegradable and our plastic ice cream tubs are reusable – that’s 100% waste free. Our dedication to local ingredients (whenever possible) further reduces our carbon footprint. Al Gore would love us.

If you’ve seen a large crowd of cheerful, happy people, there’s an 87% chance they’re surrounding our truck or pop-up store (and if they have chocolate on their face that gets bumped up to an even 100%).  We like to think our mere presence will make you smile.  Even before your first BOO-Yah!!
Find out where we are by visiting our calendar, becoming a fan on Facebook or following us on Twitter.  We look forward to serving you!

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