Small Batch


As a small batch business, we strive to deliver handcrafted, flavorful products. We like to say we make our treats just like Grandma did with old-fashion values, only bigger! Whether we’re working on a seasonal or custom creation, we keep it simple with real, authentic ingredients, which often cost more but don’t have nasty whatchamacallits that extend shelf life.

From hand making, hand packing, to hand labeling all the Craft Ice Cream Sammiches® that goes out our doors, we maintain our truly handcrafted approach. Whether we’re servicing a small and large order, its people not machines making our products. This is why no two sammiches look the same – each member of our Culinary Talent adds their own creative twist. We also handpick and hand-write all our own recipes from our own imagination – it’s so fun to be original!