Chunk-N-Chip at The Eagle Rock Brewery Beer Float Fest

On March 17, 2013 Chunk-N-Chip teamed up with Eagle Rock Brewery for a sold out beer float event. Flavors included Solidarity (Black Mild Ale) with Bailey’s Irish Cream ice cream and toffee bits, Manifesto (White Bier) with Spicy Mango Sorbet and Pop-Rocks, Unionist (Belgian Pale Ale) with French Toast ice cream and White Chocolate Kettle...

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Chunk-N-Chip Wedding Party in Seal Beach, CA

Chunk-N-Chip was our late-night snack/post-dessert vendor for our wedding of 240 guests. All I heard was how delicious the flavors were and that the line was super long! How did we choose ice cream sandwiches? Groom loves ice cream and the Bride loves cookies!    We decided to...

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