4th Street Market Artisanal Food Complex Coming Soon

Scheduled to debut to the public in summer, 2014, The 4th Street Market Artisanal Food Complex in Santa Ana, California is expected to command a dramatic shift in the world of artisanal food products and businesses, drawing acclaimed anchor tenants, small business start ups, customers, diners, entertainment and...

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Chunk-N-Chip at The Eagle Rock Brewery Beer Float Fest

On March 17, 2013 Chunk-N-Chip teamed up with Eagle Rock Brewery for a sold out beer float event. Flavors included Solidarity (Black Mild Ale) with Bailey’s Irish Cream ice cream and toffee bits, Manifesto (White Bier) with Spicy Mango Sorbet and Pop-Rocks, Unionist (Belgian Pale Ale) with French Toast ice cream and White Chocolate Kettle...

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RoamingHunger: Chunk-N-Chip Are ‘Jamaican Me Nuts’!

Drunk Monkey, Dirty Snowflake, Cuba Libre, Jamaican Me Nuts, are just a few of the zany names given to Chunk-N-Chip’s original craft ice cream sammiches. But it wasn’t just the catchy names that caught our attention. Chunk-N-Chip is constructing high quality craft ice cream sandwiches by...

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CBS: The Best Ice Cream Sandwiches In LA

Ice cream is a summer staple. With the mercury level rising, Los Angeles is more than ready to chow down on something cold. Over the last few years, ice cream sandwiches have re-emerged as fun ways to experiment with seasonal flavors, new ingredients and occasionally...

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Wedding Review: Thank You Chunk-N-Chip!

First off I want to say thank you so much! The Sammie's were such a big hit. They were beyond delicious! And there was plenty of Mint chip thank you! My family and myself were so impressed by your staff, they were so kind. I...

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Chunk-N-Chip Wedding Party in Seal Beach, CA

Chunk-N-Chip was our late-night snack/post-dessert vendor for our wedding of 240 guests. All I heard was how delicious the flavors were and that the line was super long! How did we choose ice cream sandwiches? Groom loves ice cream and the Bride loves cookies!    We decided to...

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New One-of-a-Kind Recipes Created by Culinary Stars

In honor of the new Butterfinger Bites®, a bite-size version of Nestlé® Butterfinger®, Nestlé is asking dessert experts in the industry to create new recipes that include the crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery Butterfinger Bites. Two of America’s top pastry chefs will help kick-off a new Butterfinger...

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